Surfboard Rental Fuerteventura

If you want to surf on your own, you can rent high quality surfgear of any kind of shapes, whether its a new Softech surfboard, or high performance PUKAS & Lost surfboards – our quiver has everything a surfer can dream of.

Also available are inflateable SUP boards, bodyboards or skateboards – just pass by, choose and try for yourself. For every kind of rental, we recommended a reservation on the previous day, so that the desired board is available for the next day! If you need a roof rack for your car, you have the possibility to borrow a mobile soft roof rack in our shop!

Instagram: @rapanuisurfschool
Facebook: RapaNui Surfschool
House Rules: The use of the rental equipment is entirely at my own risk. If damages appear to the rented material, I agree to pay the fixing cost, which will be at the discretion of the Rapa Nui Surfschool. In the case of a total damage, 380, -€ is to be paid directly. I know the basic surfing rules and will not endanger other surfers or beach users. I have informed myself of the nature of the surfing spot which I will be surfing at and I am aware of any potential threats or dangers I may experience while surfing. In case of loss of the leach 40, -€ or fin 60, -€ the fees are due
Cancellation policy: The participant explicitly declares that there are no concerns from a medical point of view for the practice of surfing. Swimming skills and athletic capacity are requirements for the participation. The course participants need to obey to the instructions of the surf teachers. In case of irresponsible behavior, which jeopardizes the health or image of the participants or Rapa Nui Aloha S.L., the participant can be suspended from the course. In this case Rapa Nui Aloha S.L. will not refund the paid amount. The Rapa Nui Aloha Sports S.L. does not take obligatory supervision over underage participants apart from legal existing liability for premises.
Account Status:
Verified Account
Best in the game
Verfügbarkeit Tage:
Time of day available:
early Bird (vor 7 Uhr)
Früh (7-10 Uhr)
Vormittag (10-12 Uhr)
Mittag (12-14 Uhr)
Nachmittag (14-17 Uhr)
Abends (18-22 Uhr)
Nacht (nach 22 Uhr)
Surf Skilllevel:
Type of Surfboards:
Wave Size:
1-3 ft.
4-6 ft.
7-10 ft.
10 +
Wave type:
Point break
River wave
standing wave
Kaution: Copy of passport

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