Private Surf Coaching Fuerteventura

This special surf coaching is for all surfers with an advanced level!

Professional Surf Coaching with Gilles Noah Rese. Gilles was surfing 4 years in the German National Team, was German Champ in 2015 and in addition he was surfing 2 years the WSL Pro Junior Tour and European QS Events of Surfing biggest League, the World Surf League. Through his professional and profound training as a pro surfer, what concerns efficient diagnoses and coaching strategies, he will improve confidence in your own skills, the knowledge of waves as well as biomechanical knowledge so that you achieve your personal goals in surfing.

A lesson is 2 hrs long. Intensive surf training + ½ hrs Video analysis.

Coaching Program: Proper body positioning and technique may be the most important skill, you will learn while coaching with Gilles as a surf trainer. As you are progressing and getting a good surfing base, you will notice the rest will be much easier. Advanced maneuvers become more natural as you consistently apply the basic body positioning and technique. The goal is simply, help you to get the best out of your surfing.

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Facebook: RapaNui Surfschool
House Rules: The participant explicitly declares that there are no concerns from a medical point of view for the practice of surfing. Swimming skills and athletic capacity are requirements for the participation. The course participants need to obey to the instructions of the surf teachers. In case of irresponsible behavior, which jeopardizes the health or image of the participants or Rapa Nui Aloha S.L., the participant can be suspended from the course. In this case Rapa Nui Aloha S.L. will not refund the paid amount. The Rapa Nui Aloha Sports S.L. does not take obligatory supervision over underage participants apart from legal existing liability for premises.
Overall Health
Nach Schwangerschaft
Athletiktraining Speed, Agility, Jump
Mobility und Beweglichkeit/Flexibilität
Bauch Beine Po
Breathwork / Apnoe
Sportartspezifisches Skilltraining / Sportartspezifische Fähigkeiten lernen, verbessern
Online @home live
Online @home on demand
Private / eigene Location
Kommt zu dir nach Hause
Partner Location
In einer Location deiner Wahl
Cancellation policy: The registration can be done in written or oral form and occurs by the applicant for all named or listed participants. The applicant takes responsibility for the contractual obligation of the registered persons if he/she has taken a separate commitment through an explicit declaration. If the participant has registered for the surf course including accommodation, he/she has to transfer 200€ per person as a deposit on the account of Rapa Nui Aloha S.L. The claim of participation is valid with the incoming payment. The remaining sum needs to be transferred two weeks prior to the start of the travel to the account of Rapa Nui Aloha S.L. As soon as the deposit is on the bank account, Rapa Nui Aloha S.L. will send an invoice per E-Mail, which serves as a booking confirmation. If the participant registers for a surf course excluding accommodation, the contract is valid with acceptance through Rapa Nui Aloha S.L. The payment is due on the first surf course day.
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early Bird (vor 7 Uhr)
Früh (7-10 Uhr)
Vormittag (10-12 Uhr)
Mittag (12-14 Uhr)
Nachmittag (14-17 Uhr)
Abends (18-22 Uhr)
Nacht (nach 22 Uhr)

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